Cho's Legacy TKD Martial Arts Reviews

  • Master Acevedo is amazing with kids of all ages. His love for taekwondo allows him to nurture and guide his students in a positive and encouraging way. My younger son was lacking confidence when he first started. Master Acevedo was patient and able to get Logan to come out of his shell! The students are learning respect and discipline; which will be carried through for a lifetime. I recommend Master Acevedo and his school to anyone looking for a martial arts program!!Are you looking for something different for your kids birthday party? Consider a party here! What a blast my son and his friends had!!

    Jenn Ciulla
  • It is never too late to start TKD. My son and I enrolled earlier in the year with no regrets. He is focusing more and listening better in a few short months. He was thrilled when he broke his first board (and still shows people) and is always excited to go to class. Master Acevedo and the other instructors work well with the little kids to teach them respect to others and self.

    The adult class is a mixture of belt levels and ages. My stress, flexibility, and general fitness feels improved and it's great to support a small business. I never tried martial arts before and only wish I started earlier!

    Brent Whitehead
  • Cho's Legacy has been a great program for both of our sons (6yr and 3.5yr). It has helped in the development of our boys confidence, focus, discipline, and physical strength building. All under the umbrella of making TKD a fun activity. Master Acevedo attention and dedication to his craft is fantastic and his ability to get the most of our kids is second to none.

    Kim Shreibman Venedam
  • My son has been enrolled at Cho's Legacy TKD for a couple of months and he has loved going to class since the day he started. It has been a very positive experience for him, the practice fosters discipline, respect, self-control, mental and physical strength. My son is shy and classes have helped built up his self-confidence. He practices at home on his own, and has shown dedication and perseverance, and he also takes pride in his accomplishments at the Dojo.

    Master Acevedo has full command of the class, he is firm but very patient and encouraging and makes learning the basic TKD skills fun and interesting.

    Laurance Bailey
  • My daughter (6) and I joined Cho's Legacy in March. It has been an incredibly journey for both of us! Master Akil Acevedo has an amazing rapport with the various aged children in his school (and the adults too). Stella has grown so much as a person at the school in terms of confidence, focus, achievement, and determination, and I thank Master Acevedo. We both look forward to the next year!

    John Coyle
  • Both my sons started at Cho's Legacy a few months ago. They both immediately felt comfortable in the environment and with Master Acevedo. We decided to give Cho's Legacy a try, in order to increase their confidence and grit, as both of these characteristics can attribute to their success as they grow older. In 3 months we have seen a significant change in both our sons, but especially our younger son. His confidence has grown and his timidness has diminished. The best part of it all, is that they look forward to going to class each week and there are always smiling faces when they come off the mat.

    Amanda Kwai Pun
  • My son had really hard time focusing, following directions and with his concentration. Master Acevedo and his school had help Steven improved 100% in this tasks, as end result Steven self confidence has increased as well. I highly recommend the school for everyone looking in to the martial arts.

    Angelica Bustos-Loveless
  • Highly recommended! Master Acevedo works so well with the kids. He is patient and kind. My daughter's confidence and discipline has improved immensely since she started classes. Master Acevedo is a true member of the community. He also offers fun events like parents' nights out.

    Abigail Scandlen Rosen
  • We have had an exceptional experience at Cho's Legacy. Master Acevedo is not only talented in the area of martial arts he is patient, encouraging and focuses on all the details. He makes each and every child feel important and special in whatever way they each individually need. Thank you for everything you do.

    Amanda Anthony
  • Great program. I highly recommend Master Acevedo ‘s classes. He is so dedicated, passionate, and friendly with kids .

    Nayana Vimal
  • As soon as my son started at Cho's Legacy he was motivated by helping complete his chores at home as the class encouraged discipline in both the classroom and at home. He's excited about continuing and enjoys the classes 2x per week. We are exited to have found an activity that he both loves while helping his development.

    Ethan Nogueiras
  • Excellent school with talented and caring instructors!! Highly recommended!

    Tommy Todd
  • Master Acevedo is a well trained teacher. He is excellent with pre schoolers. Motivates and encourages them along in their training. My grandson looks forward to every lesson. You will not be disappointed.

    John Petrocco
  • Master Acevedo is awesome! He really gets kids. He has created an environment that enables students to do their best, and really try to learn the skills. He fosters learning that is not just about the technique of marshal arts but also about fundamental aspect of living a good life - discipline, honor, integrity, friendship, family. He is very aware if a child has any special needs, and makes necessary accommodation for the child to learn and be successful. We have been very happy with Cho's.

    Taru Jain

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