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Cho's Legacy TKD Martial Arts

You may pick up Tae Kwon Do as a hobby, but you’ll come to embrace it as a way of life. Not only will you find yourself looking forward to our high-energy classes, but you’ll note the change in your or your child’s life. Practicing the Martial Arts provides focus, discipline, and direction. At Cho’s Legacy, we want to help weave a tighter and more successful community here in Morris County. No matter your experience, no matter your age, and no matter your background, you are welcome to join us for Tae Kwon Do classes that will expand your horizons, open your mind, and work out your body. You’ll see the improvements after just a few classes.

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Confidence & Self-Esteem

Training in the Martial Arts is an excellent way for students to build confidence and develop a positive self-image. Overcome your fears, discover the pride of being a budding Martial Artist, and feel better. It all starts here with your first lesson.


Discipline & Self-Control

The Martial Arts will teach you oneness of mind and body. As you become more attuned to your inner self, you'll develop a powerful sense of discipline and self-control. This bedrock of the Martial Arts has whole constellations of benefits in school and in the workplace.



Understanding how to defend yourself is about more than raw strength. Our training revolves around recognizing threatening situations and learning the proper techniques to address them confidently. We want to prevent bullying and help you protect yourself and your family.


New Friends & Mentors

Cho's Legacy wouldn't exist without the incredible community of Morristown. That's why we're committed to your success, making you feel safe and comfortable and giving you a supportive environment to train. Forge new bonds with your fellow trainees, because community is our philosophy.

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Meet our Instructors

Akil Acevedo

Master Acevedo is amazing with kids of all ages. His love for taekwondo allows him to nurture and guide his students in a positive and encouraging way. My younger son was lacking confidence when he first started. Master Acevedo was patient and able to get Logan to come out of his shell! The .... Read more

Jenn Ciulla

It is never too late to start TKD. My son and I enrolled earlier in the year with no regrets. He is focusing more and listening better in a few short months. He was thrilled when he broke his first board (and still shows people) and is always excited to go to class. Master Acevedo and the .... Read more

Brent Whitehead

Cho's Legacy has been a great program for both of our sons (6yr and 3.5yr). It has helped in the development of our boys confidence, focus, discipline, and physical strength building. All under the umbrella of making TKD a fun activity. Master Acevedo attention and dedication to his craft is .... Read more

Kim Shreibman Venedam

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